Retirement…… 5 things to get sorted now.

Mid life crisis much….

Me in this Elvis suit should be the number 1 thing that keeps us all up at night !!

When you’re on the wrong side of 50 like me the first thing that starts to slide is your cock sure, I got the world by the balls, attitude! Your own mortality starts to play on your mind and you start to worry about all sorts of things that just didn’t seem to matter pre 50. So here’s my top 5 things that keep me up at night.

1….. HEALTH : I swear since turning 50 things have started falling off. I’ve spent a small fortune on my teeth, as I frantically try and keep enough of them for a smile. Chew… we will worry about chewing when I’m 60.(probably for the best as not eating has helped with the waste line, but that’s a whole other blog). My hair.. hair one day going fast the next. But the biggest fear for all of us I’m sure is the big C and Prostate Cancer. In Australia, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and over 30,000 world wide fall victim to it every year. But if caught early can be easily treatable. So man up, drop your duds and bend over (actually it can be as simple as blood test these days) so no excuses really….Gots to be alive to retire.

2…. TIME. The thing with time is you can’t get it back, you can’t buy more of it, and when it’s gone….. The END. Remember when you were a kid it took forever for Christmas or your birthday to come around and it would almost make you cry you wanted it sooo bad. Now Christmas comes around so quickly I’m 4 years behind paying it off on the credit cards. Its Christmas again already and that makes me want to cry now. The best thing we can do with our time is not to waste it. At our age, we gotta get the absolute most out it otherwise our golden years will be our moldy years. Check this site out 7 ways to stop wasting time.

3… MONEY Yup, It’s a big one alright. Great news. I have enough money to retire today. Just as long as I die before next Tuesday at noon. Will we ever have enough to retire? Life expectancy in the 60’s was 67.9 and in 2017 its 80.5 No wonder 50 is the new 40. Yea us! 10 more years of slogging it out for the man. Want to see how your finances will stack up at retirement? Click here for retirement calculator.. The truth is we may never get to retire or want to retire for that matter. The world is becoming a smaller place by the minute and there are so many new and exciting opportunities out there. More and more people, just like us, are making better lifestyle and financial decisions every day. No longer stuck in the rut but totally in control of our future. Want to see what real freedom could look like for you…Click Here…. It’s totally worth it.

4… MOJO. So what do I mean when I say Mojo. Well, you’ve all seen Austin Powers International man of mystery. Well it’s kinda that but more the animal within. The tiger in the tank so to speak. It’s getting off the couch and participating. We all have a tendency of being labeled grumpy old men even now. What are we going to be like in retirement.. No bastard will come near us. Mojo is getting the job done and not just bitching about it or, offering sound advice with out judging. Its you before life got in the way.. You when you were cocksure and had the world by the balls. But lets face it, Mojo is testosterone and as we get on we don’t produce as much as we did and thus things don’t preform as they once did. But fear not its natural and it happens to us all. (well not me.. just saying) Check this out if have more questions about your “Mojo”

5… MY GOLF SWING Seriously have a look at it.. This is supposed to a 14 handy cap golf swing and it looks more like I’m hoeing the veggie patch. 5 weeks before this Video was taken I was crowned B grade champion at the Magnetic Island open. Ah well if you’re a keen golfer like me or just a Sunday hacker you have probably realized by now that your golf swing is never consistent, and I’ve found that the more I play sometimes the worst it gets (don’t tell the wife, she will expect me at home on Saturdays) I won’t presume to leave any golf tips yet so I will leave you with this from Golf digest and please if you can see whats wrong with my swing leave me a comment.

Warren Thompson.

On the wrong side of 50..