About me

The story so far……. I’m on the wrong side of 50, and just like my father and his father before him, I was taught to get up, go to school, get a job, work hard, earn money, buy a house,  earn more money, work harder, spend more money, borrow more money, need to earn more money, etc. etc. etc. I was always chasing the dream, looking for the easy way out, don’t get me wrong, I know hard work. My wife and I own a coffee shop (one of my better ideas) and its up at 5.00 am for us and its 10 hours later before it is beer o’clock. The shop does well and keeps us of the street but dam, it’s a 7 day a week gig and we’ve been doing it for 7 years. So, not afraid of hard work or taking a chance.

And so it goes, on and on.

That’s just the way it is. Its what mainstream has taught us. It’s called the Rat Race and I don’t need to tell you about it. If you’re reading this you’re probably drowning in it as we speak. The rat race is baked in tradition, handed down from father to son from the beginning of time. It’s tradition, the way it’s done. We are so coated, covered and lathered in this tradition that it has become like an invisible impregnable armor that literally restricts our every move, our every thought and the health of our mind our body and our very soul.

Each time you think you’re out, they pull you back in.

Hi, my name Warren Thompson and like most men of my age, stature and maturity, I’ve been slogging my ass of my whole life. I have no real education to speak of and have done my fair share of shitty jobs. I have always been on the look out for the “big one” and that has seen me do crazy things. I always start these crazy schemes or business with a phrase I say to my wife “Hey honey, I’ve got an idea.” and she would reply “how much is it going to cost this time.”  So, from options Trading on the stock market to “Your Choice” a food delivery service I started in Cairns in the late 90s. (way before Uber eats was conceived.) I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Its good to know, however, that at the least the concept and business module for “your choice” was sound.

Ahead of my time, I guess….

Not this time my new found friend… Not this time. This time I’m right on the money. There I was one day “surfing the internet” for information on retirement, you know, the usual questions like how much money will I need (turns out I’ve got enough to retire right now. If I die before noon next Tuesday.) Yep , reality can be a bitch sometimes. I was about to sign off and I was resigned to the fact that I will never be able to afford the retirement of my dreams that’s when an ad popped up. I was about to hit skip when I paused, something deep inside me said “hang on a minute,lets see what he has to say.” And that pause changed my life. It was a video of a man about my age and he was saying that I can earn money, very, very good money I might add, On the internet , I thought making money on the internet was reserved for young people typing code, face timing Bill Gates whilst sleighing dragons in dungeons.

Not just for kids and their M.T.V

WOW. .. Was I wrong, after doing my due diligence, watching all the free videos and webinars ( thought that was a term describing a virtual cocktail bar. ) I discovered that it is very possible to:

Work from home or anywhere in the world that has the internet.

Profit from our interests and our passions, (yes, really, turn your passions into income)

Have a highly leveraged automated working platform

Low working hours. ANY TIME Day or night.

Unlimited earning potential

Very rewarding and ethical.

All I needed is a basic understanding of computers, a laptop, a strong desire learn and a flat out desire to break the restraints of a long and out dated tradition called the rat race.

“Hey honey I’ve got an idea”

So, no more procrastinating and click on the Get Start Here and see first hand how easy and rewarding your new digital business and lifestyle can be…. If you want to get up close and personal with one of the most Influential and successful digital marketers in the world, allow me to introduce you to my mentor Mr. Stuart Ross, I know that sounds a bit odd having a mentor at my age, not to mention the fact that Stuart is considerably younger than I am. (let’s face it, if my mentor was older and wiser than me, what do you think he would teach and advise…. work harder, work longer, get a better job, stop bitching, Earn more money, borrow more money, have a heart attack, it is what it is)

Never to old

Colonel Harlan Sanders was a failure in the restaurant business through his 50’s. At age 59, with his last $100, he started his fried chicken franchise at age 60. He sold the chain 10 years later (in 1964) for $2million.

Socrates learned to play musical instruments at age 80.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta won the Nobel Peace Prize at 69…and worked until she was 87.

Winston Churchill was thought to be unemployable until he was named Prime – Minister of the United Kingdom at age 65. He worked until he was 90.

Michelangelo was sculpting into his 70’s.

Ronald Reagan became Governor of California at age 57 and president of the United States at age 69.

Benjamin Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence at 65 and signed the United States Constitution at age 81.

Peter Roget suffered from OCD, (obsessive compulsive disorder). The only thing that calmed him down was making random lists. One of his lists contain words that meant the same thing. At age 73 he created something we all know and love, Roget’s Thesaurus.

It’s our time now….

The world and everything in it